Dual Monitors in Ubuntu Edgy Eft with NVidia Card

I got my dual LCD monitors configured in Ubuntu this morning. I pretty much followed the instructions posted in the Ubuntu forums. Here is an abbreviated listing of the steps I took:

Stage 1: Get the driver working!
(1) Install binary driver at console (X will die on startup)
a. apt-get install linux-generic (or whatever version you have)
b. apt-get install nvidia-glx
(2) Enable driver
a. sudo nvidia-xconfig –no-composite
(3) Check driver with glxinfo

Stage 2: Setup TwinView
(1) Backup xorg.config file
(2) Edit Section “Device”:
Option “TwinView” “True”
Option “TwinViewOrientation” “RightOf” (or be very specific like CRT-1 RightOf DFP-0)
Option “UseEdidFreqs” “True”
Option “MetaModes” “1280×1024,1280×1024; 1024×768,1024×768″
#Option “UseDisplayDevice” “string” #replace ‘string’ with either ‘DFP’ (Digital flat panel connected via DVI port), ‘CRT’ (any monitor that is connected via VGA ports), or ‘TV’

(3) Connect second monitor and restart Xorg server
*** DVI-VGA adapter will be detected as CRT and the version of the glx drivers included in the current Edgy tree ALWAYS detect CRT first and ignore UseDisplayDevice so the CRT one will always be the primary. This can be fixed (supposedly) if you update to the latest NVidia drivers. ***